Friday Feature: Guest blogger, “Designs By Darin”

A new addition to our blog will be our “Feature Friday’s” segment, highlighting some of our favorite vendors! This week “Designs by Darin” is making a guest appearance on our blog.

Wedding flowers can be an especially tricky part of planning a wedding. There are so many uncertainties from flower availability to scheduling issues and florist or design choices that options may seem overwhelming. There is also the do-it-yourself ethos that has become especially popular though often associated with anxiety and disaster.

Planning is the most important step. Collect ideas and images that relate to your expectations about wedding flowers. Compare your ideas with potential vendors and start to compile a list of florists to request quotes or proposals from, and even set up consultations with.

Since weddings are so important and particular, your vendor should be working with you and your budget to assure that the floral décor is what you hope for and deserve. As finances are tight these days, Designs By Darin regularly spend hours working on proposals for our clients so that the decor is what our clients dream of on their special day.

A qualified floral designer will be able to work with you on your budget and help you focus on your priorities.  Designs by Darin can create your own unique wedding and reception decor; I will help you focus on getting the most for your money. Designs by Darin’s knowledge from years of experience will help you select what the important design elements are and how they will  leave lasting impressions

Sadly an increasingly consistent clientele has been the ‘save our wedding’ parties. Many individuals are choosing to rely on friends or garage floral enthusiast for their wedding floral décor. While we certainly do not suggest these ideas be ignored, having to bail your friend out on your wedding day is an awkward and usually costly experience.

Weddings are typically one of the most important days of a person’s life. We do not recommend leaving anything up to chance, especially something as important as wedding décor. Many excellent florists, including Designs By Darin have flexible pricing options to assure that professional floral décor for your dream wedding is available at a reasonable price.

Hope you have the wedding of your dreams !

Darin Jones

Designs By Darin


“Designs By Darin’s” work…

    • jenniferpowellphotography
    • October 1st, 2010

    He’s the BEST!

  1. Great article Darin! People often do not realize until it’s too late… floral decor can make or break a beautiful wedding. Always do it right if the ambiance is on your priority list!

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