Friday Feature: Woodland Fields Photography

This week we highlight photography company, Woodland Fields Photography. Catherine from Woodland Fields gives us her expert advice on the importance of hiring the right photographer for your big day to capture every grandiose or minute moment.

Some couples ask: My friend has a nice camera, I can ask them to take some
photos on my wedding day instead of hiring a professional to save some money??

Your wedding day is a fun event that you’ve spent a long time planning.
There is a lot going on that day & the last thing you want to do is
stress! Why leave such a monumental day to chance? You want to make sure
someone is there to capture those stolen kisses, happy tears, or your
cousin break dancing. You want to be able to trust you’ve hired an
experienced professional that is going to help you relive the emotions of
the day. Leaving those split second moments to a friend with a camera is

Once the wedding day is over, all you have are your images of the
day. Don’t you want to ensure you get the best possible memories? Plus as
the evening goes on your guests want to enjoy the festivities. Also keep
in mind just having a nice camera doesn’t mean they have the equipment to
handle any situation that arises. What kind of lenses, and lighting does
your friend have? Those pieces are just as important (if not MORE)
important that the camera body. Is your friend prepared if there is a
venue change and you have limited lighting options?

Professional photographer have experience to see proper compositions,
which is very key to keep your photos from looking like snapshots.
Experienced photographers also know how to anticipate the moments as they
are about to happen instead of keeping their fingers on the shutter and
hoping they get a good photo. Make sure your important day is captured in
the best possible light!

Woodland Fields Photography is a Tallahassee based photography business
available worldwide. Visit their site at:

Some of Woodland Fields work:

  1. Listen to Catherine ladies! Don’t skimp on your pictures, you want to be happy with them in the end and not disappointed that all the right moments weren’t captured! 🙂

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