Featured Vendor: Makeup Artist Randi Buchanan & Co.

Randi Buchanan was born into a talented and creative family, so it’s obvious why art is her ultimate passion in life. After spending her youth in Tallahassee, Randi lived all over the country chasing art, studying makeup and fashion, and training with celebrity artists. She loves fashion makeup and has done editorial and commercial makeup for many years. Randi believes her profession as a makeup artist has been the most positive, fulfilling, and blessed opportunity of her life.


Over the years Randi has become a member of several professional affiliations including the Tallahassee Association of Wedding Professionals. She was also the hair and makeup director of a large event, Fashion Tallahassee, which was held on November 18,2010.


Randi has been back in Tallahassee for about 5 years, developing her diversified and extensive business portfolio. She has been fortunate enough to take her business to a professional and elite level.

Randi, a licensed makeup artist with a medical certification upgrade, owns Randi Buchanan & Co. “A Makeup Design Groupe.” Out of the 52 weeks in a year, she works over 40 weddings, both local and destination weddings. When and if she is booked for two events on the same day, her personally trained associates will be there to fulfill the expected duties.  Due to her busy schedule, her clients book her well in advance.  Randi Buchanan & Company tailor makes a package to each individual bride’s needs. There is no budget too big or too small and she always guarantees 100% customer Satisfaction. Randi does not only work with the brides on the day of the wedding, but also develops a long-lasting relationship with these women, always keeping in touch long after the wedding.


For more information on Randi Buchanan & Company, please visit her website:  www.randibuchananmakeupasart.com

  1. John Gandy Events and Brienna, I am honored and flattered. What a beautiful write up. Thank you…many, many thank you”s. As always I look forward to working with you. See you soon.

    • sally rude
    • January 22nd, 2011

    Randi is undoubtedly the most creative person I know. He work is flawless, whether it is a subdued look for a bride or out of the box high fashion. She is only limited by her imagination…which is boundless!

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