10 Tips For Becoming the Perfect Maid of Honor

Being asked to be a bride’s maid of honor is one of the greatest honors you can receive as someone’s friend. But it’s also a big responsibility. Here are some tips to make sure that you’ll be the best maid of honor ever!


1) Sit down with the bride and map out your concrete duties, so there are no misunderstandings or bickering in the future.

2) Get an agenda planner. You will definitely want to stay as organized as possible!

3) Take pictures/ notes during important things such as dress fittings, cake tastings etc. and also during fun events!

4) Always have an emergency plan for something fun! The bride is likely to get stressed out at some point, so as her best friend you should always have a backup plan to take her mind off things! Think margaritas…

5) Help with things such as the bridal shower/ bachelorette party. This part is fun!

6) Always be willing to listen. She is likely to need to vent. A lot.

7) Make sure all other bridesmaids are aware of events

8) Have a great speech prepared!

9) Carry along her bridal emergency kit (see our previous post) with you at all times during the big day!

10)  Last but not least… Have fun! This is an exciting time, so make sure you enjoy it along with the bride.

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