Wedding Wednesday Q and A – September 2012 Archives


Q: In order to save money my fiancé and I are thinking about having a cash bar at the reception. I know this is not typical but is there ever an instance where we can do this and not look tacky? – Sarah S.

A: Sarah, in a word No! Would you ask your guests to pay for their dinner? Of course not, so why have them pay for their drinks? If you absolutely do not have the money in your budget, nix the bar. Only offer water/tea/lemonade along with a few bottles of champagne for the toasts. Your guests have traveled to your wedding expecting you to host them, so be a proper hostess and don’t ask for them to incur an extra expense in order to enjoy themselves. If you have funds, a limited bar with beer and wine and maybe just one signature drink can be an option to still offer drinks to your guests without the expense of a full bar. Most often a limited bar (or no bar) is not a point of conversation about a wedding, but mark my words, offering a cash bar will be talked about for months after the event.


Q: My mother has suggested using some (or all) silk flowers versus real flowers for my wedding to be able to get a variety of kinds and colors since not all flowers are available in all seasons, what do you recommend? Kathryn C.

A:Kathryn, first of all I would not let floral availability be a factor in your decision as now-a-days most flowers can be ordered year round (with a few exceptions). That being said, as any reputable florist will advise, flowers are certainly easier to obtain (aka less expensive) if you choose those that are in season in your region, this way you can get more bang for your buck. Also, keep in mind the global picture. When selecting flowers whether for the bridal party or reception decor, think about the space the flower takes up. For instance, hydrangeas are large and spacious and can be used to make a big bold statement, as opposed to small arrangements of peonies and roses. Sometimes the look you want can be achieved by a few larger WOW pieces rather than lots of little unimpressive ones.




Q: John, what are your necessities for a stunning reception – what do you recommend to impress my guests?

A: I am so glad you asked this question, I have heard from so many people that think they have to go crazy with a theme for their wedding/reception, but in reality all you need is to create atmosphere with a look and feel. Other than great food and drinks, my MUST HAVES to get the jaw drop from your guests are: (1) Chavari Ballroom Chairs (2) Phenomenal Lighting that showcases the room (3)Coordinating furniture (4) Fabulous matching graphics and signage, and (5) of course what everyone wants, a high energy band that will get the crowd on the dance floor. With these five elements, designed by a team of professionals, like John Gandy Events, your reception will exceed your expectations.


Q: What is the best way to obtain street addresses for wedding guests? Also, how does one respond to those who assume they are invited to your wedding when unfortunately really not? – Mandy S.

A: Mandy, Great question! I have found that the addresses you do not readily have of friends and family can easily be obtained using the internet, though if you do not want to chance outdated or incorrect google searches, a simple email, facebook message or phone call can easily resolve the elusive address conflict. As for your second question, that one is a bit tricky. You see, sometimes a person may fish for an invite to an event, however, once the formal invitation arrives, or fails to arrive, is when one’s thoughts are confirmed. If however, you are confronted in person by an acquaintance who is not invited, you may politely explain that as much as you would have loved to invite them, you were bound by venue size or budget restrictions to the number of guests therefore only family and close friends of both you and your fiance were invited.



Q: In your opinion, are envelopes addressed in calligraphy worth the expense? Samantha A.

A: ABSOLUTELY!! There is nothing more personal and beautiful than receiving mail that is hand lettered by a professional calligrapher. It automatically stands out in the piles of bills and other items one receives daily, and makes the receiver feel special. A wedding invitation is all about presentation, and the first impression calligraphy gives is well worth any extra expense. You can even hire the calligrapher to hand letter your invitation and other pieces, then have them professionally reproduced by a printer for a complete look. There are several lettering styles and price ranges for calligraphers, so you can almost always find a perfect fit with your wedding invitation style and budget.

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