Chandeliers, Linens and Chairs OH MY! JGE Hits Atlanta Market 2014!

The John Gandy Team loaded up last week and hit Atlanta for the 2014 Furniture and Gift Market! Needless to say, there weren’t enough hours in the day to see everything but somehow we managed to use our JGE super powers to find the most exquisite and unique things for our clients. 

2 days, 3 buildings and countless floors later, John Gandy Events came home with 9 amazing Chandeliers, 2 insanely beautiful Queen Crown Chairs, 12+ stunning tables from old farm wood to chic mirrored finishes, more candlesticks than we can count, spectacular linens we have never seen, and of course we loaded up on all of the small details that make every event just perfect! 

Since returning from Atlanta, Gandyland is like Christmas! Our shipments are trickling in and as we put all of our new toys away, we dream of what event we get to use all of our amazing new finds! We can’t wait to share with you all of our impeccable pieces! Stay tuned!photo 2

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