Check Us Out!!

Check Us Out!!

John Gandy Events has revived and refreshed our website adding photos of some of the amazing events of 2012 as well as a new “Rentals” section of the website for information about how you can secure some of our one-of-a-kind pieces from our private collection for your next event. Take a look and let us know what you think!


2013 JGE Lookbook


A preview of a few of the exciting new pieces we have to offer in 2013. We still have many classic items in stock as well, however, we are growing our inventory each day, and have even moved to a new warehouse to be able to display all of our decor properly. Take a look and let us know what you think…does it make you want to throw a party? Click the link below…

Matt and Hollie Get Married 11.3.12


So many details in this wedding held at the bride’s family home and lovely property in Cairo, Georgia. Beginning with the chauffeured ride on a cart to the ceremony site, there was hot apple cider offered for those who wanted to partake while they enjoyed the view of the pond and altar adorned with thousands of flowers under which Matt and Hollie would soon join there lives.




After the ceremony a beautifully candle lit path led the guests to the reception area. From the custom pallet table chart to the handcarved pumpkins for soup bowls, and the crystal chandeliers that hung in the tents to the antique furniture on the lawn, the details were extraordinary.


A perfectly timed surprise fireworks show started things off with a “Bang” (literally) and as the guests and Matt and Hollie watched in amazement, it was a perfectly perfect moment that will always be remembered.


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Matt Henshaw. It was our honor to design your wedding. Here’s to you both and your Happily Ever After!

Wedding Wednesday Q and A – September 2012 Archives


Q: In order to save money my fiancé and I are thinking about having a cash bar at the reception. I know this is not typical but is there ever an instance where we can do this and not look tacky? – Sarah S.

A: Sarah, in a word No! Would you ask your guests to pay for their dinner? Of course not, so why have them pay for their drinks? If you absolutely do not have the money in your budget, nix the bar. Only offer water/tea/lemonade along with a few bottles of champagne for the toasts. Your guests have traveled to your wedding expecting you to host them, so be a proper hostess and don’t ask for them to incur an extra expense in order to enjoy themselves. If you have funds, a limited bar with beer and wine and maybe just one signature drink can be an option to still offer drinks to your guests without the expense of a full bar. Most often a limited bar (or no bar) is not a point of conversation about a wedding, but mark my words, offering a cash bar will be talked about for months after the event.


Q: My mother has suggested using some (or all) silk flowers versus real flowers for my wedding to be able to get a variety of kinds and colors since not all flowers are available in all seasons, what do you recommend? Kathryn C.

A:Kathryn, first of all I would not let floral availability be a factor in your decision as now-a-days most flowers can be ordered year round (with a few exceptions). That being said, as any reputable florist will advise, flowers are certainly easier to obtain (aka less expensive) if you choose those that are in season in your region, this way you can get more bang for your buck. Also, keep in mind the global picture. When selecting flowers whether for the bridal party or reception decor, think about the space the flower takes up. For instance, hydrangeas are large and spacious and can be used to make a big bold statement, as opposed to small arrangements of peonies and roses. Sometimes the look you want can be achieved by a few larger WOW pieces rather than lots of little unimpressive ones.




Q: John, what are your necessities for a stunning reception – what do you recommend to impress my guests?

A: I am so glad you asked this question, I have heard from so many people that think they have to go crazy with a theme for their wedding/reception, but in reality all you need is to create atmosphere with a look and feel. Other than great food and drinks, my MUST HAVES to get the jaw drop from your guests are: (1) Chavari Ballroom Chairs (2) Phenomenal Lighting that showcases the room (3)Coordinating furniture (4) Fabulous matching graphics and signage, and (5) of course what everyone wants, a high energy band that will get the crowd on the dance floor. With these five elements, designed by a team of professionals, like John Gandy Events, your reception will exceed your expectations.


Q: What is the best way to obtain street addresses for wedding guests? Also, how does one respond to those who assume they are invited to your wedding when unfortunately really not? – Mandy S.

A: Mandy, Great question! I have found that the addresses you do not readily have of friends and family can easily be obtained using the internet, though if you do not want to chance outdated or incorrect google searches, a simple email, facebook message or phone call can easily resolve the elusive address conflict. As for your second question, that one is a bit tricky. You see, sometimes a person may fish for an invite to an event, however, once the formal invitation arrives, or fails to arrive, is when one’s thoughts are confirmed. If however, you are confronted in person by an acquaintance who is not invited, you may politely explain that as much as you would have loved to invite them, you were bound by venue size or budget restrictions to the number of guests therefore only family and close friends of both you and your fiance were invited.



Q: In your opinion, are envelopes addressed in calligraphy worth the expense? Samantha A.

A: ABSOLUTELY!! There is nothing more personal and beautiful than receiving mail that is hand lettered by a professional calligrapher. It automatically stands out in the piles of bills and other items one receives daily, and makes the receiver feel special. A wedding invitation is all about presentation, and the first impression calligraphy gives is well worth any extra expense. You can even hire the calligrapher to hand letter your invitation and other pieces, then have them professionally reproduced by a printer for a complete look. There are several lettering styles and price ranges for calligraphers, so you can almost always find a perfect fit with your wedding invitation style and budget.

ASK JOHN! Wedding Wednesdays August



Q: I am getting married next year and the venue I am using provides an on-site coordinator with the package. Since I have someone on-site, would I still need your services? – Marci H. 

A: Marci, first off, congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for asking such a great question, the short answer is YES! John Gandy Events, is more than a planner, we are event designers; and as you know, an event designer is an essential element of any well planned affair. Our work begins well before the event, assisting with budget planning, setting up vendor appointments and finalizing a timeline for starters. On-site specialists are just that, they specialize in the location in which they work but may not have the design expertise that a true planner can offer. We work closely with these individuals to design your wedding and ensure the execution of each aspect is flawless. For example, an on-site coordinator will make sure that other events occurring on the property at the same time as yours will not have scheduling conflicts, but they do not typically offer you an unique design of the layout of the room, alternating table sizes and linen choices to work best with the number of guests you are expecting. We handle all the details from concept to completion, guaranteeing that your wedding will be all that you have dreamed, and exceed your expectations.



Q: When should I send save the dates for my wedding…I have been putting them off as I do not know what style I want for my formal invite, and they should match -RIGHT?

A: Not QUITE right! Ideally save the dates should be mailed anywhere from 9-12 months before the big day. Save the dates are a good way to let your friends and family know your engaged and to plan to attend your wedding. Your guests will undoubtedly travel from far and near to be with you on your special day, so the least you can do is provide them with enough advance notice to plan for the trip, save money, make travel arrangements, etc. As for matching them to your formal wedding invitation – that is not necessarily the case. You certainly can design an image or monogram to carry through all your wedding pieces, but your save the date can be as simple as a fun, unique postcard that portrays you and your fiance in your favorite engagement photo holding a sign with the date, or featuring you both in a quirky shot that shows off your personality or even a design that eludes to the theme of your wedding, but doesn’t give everything away. Your formal invitation (that will follow the save the date 6-8 weeks before your wedding date) is meant to be the most formal invitation you will ever send, and should be classic and timeless; no other invitation associated with the wedding should trump it’s appearance, so most often, it doesn’t “match” the simple save the date you sent months previous.



Q: I am planning my second wedding and I was wondering if it ok for me to wear white? – Amy R.

A: Congratulations Amy!! Of course you can wear white, especially if you were not able to have the princess dress of your dreams the first time around. However, since you are wiser and more experienced now, you can think about adding a color sash or glam belt to accent the perfect attire for your second time around making this dress timeless. Learn from what you liked/disliked about the previous dress; your taste has probably changed from your younger self and you’re more likely to make an informed decision this time around in more ways than one 😉 The most important part of your wedding day attire is not the color, but the fact that whatever you wear, your groom will not be able to take his eyes off you when you walk down the isle.




A: Pamela, I always tell my brides there are a few things to consider when choosing a venue: First, though it may be more than you planned, you should spend the money upfront if you find the perfect venue, as opposed to 

spending all that or more on the back end with time and funds trying to transform a venue into something it is not. Second, If you do not have the luxury to choose from many formal venues due to location or budget, then embrace what you do have to work with.

I love the contradiction of rustic elegance you can achieve by taking a barn or plantation and adding formal, elegant touches that just finish the look: picture a mix of burlap and pintuck linens, with sitting areas purposely placed using indoor furniture outdoors and a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the oak tree above. You can always make a barn a ballroom, but you cannot make a ballroom a barn.


10 Tips For Becoming the Perfect Maid of Honor

Being asked to be a bride’s maid of honor is one of the greatest honors you can receive as someone’s friend. But it’s also a big responsibility. Here are some tips to make sure that you’ll be the best maid of honor ever!


1) Sit down with the bride and map out your concrete duties, so there are no misunderstandings or bickering in the future.

2) Get an agenda planner. You will definitely want to stay as organized as possible!

3) Take pictures/ notes during important things such as dress fittings, cake tastings etc. and also during fun events!

4) Always have an emergency plan for something fun! The bride is likely to get stressed out at some point, so as her best friend you should always have a backup plan to take her mind off things! Think margaritas…

5) Help with things such as the bridal shower/ bachelorette party. This part is fun!

6) Always be willing to listen. She is likely to need to vent. A lot.

7) Make sure all other bridesmaids are aware of events

8) Have a great speech prepared!

9) Carry along her bridal emergency kit (see our previous post) with you at all times during the big day!

10)  Last but not least… Have fun! This is an exciting time, so make sure you enjoy it along with the bride.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Bridal Emergency Kit!

It’s the day that every girl dreams of her entire life, the perfect wedding day; what could possibly go wrong? How about EVERYTHING! We believe that a bride should have a stress free wedding day, where she can take in every moment without having to worry about anything going wrong. That’s where a fabulous wedding planner comes in! After years of experience and countless weddings, we’ve realized that along with a wedding planner, a bride always needs an emergency kit so that everything goes off without a hitch. Here are some essentials that every bride should have on hand for her big day!

Antacid, Breath Mints, Band-Aids, Clear Nail Polish (for stocking runs), Dental Floss, Deodorant, Double-sided Tape, Drinking Straw (don’t want to smudge that lipstick!), Earring Backs, Eye Drops, Feminine Products, Hair Spray, Hair Brush, Hair Pins, Hand Lotion, Lint Roller, Make-Up, Nail Polish Remover, Nail File, Nail Polish (in the color you’re wearing), Pain Reliever, Perfume, Scissors, Safety Pins, Stain Remover, Static Remover, Super Glue, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Tweezers

Make sure to pack all of your emergency items into a fabulous bag and have your maid of honor carry it along with her at all times! With our emergency kit, you’ll be prepared for your special day; even if your earring back falls out, or you stain your beautiful dress! Phew!

Beautiful bride, Nicole, getting ready for her big day!