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In a New York State of Mind

John Gandy Events is always doing things on the fly, and last week was no different! John and McKinley set up some meetings with a fabulous Gandy Bride in New York to not only get some details set in stone for her BIG DAY but to let the city take their creativity for a joy ride. It is always nice to take little escapes to get some outside of the box perspective and this trip was just what the Gandy team needed!

JGE made their way to the famous Paper Presentation to bring back some wonderful ideas for Save the Dates and Invitations that are second to none. Your Wedding Invitation is the most formal invite you will ever send out and we took some incredible inspiration from here to make your guests completely enticed and excited for your big day to come!photo 2

From Paper to Playbill, Shows were a must see to get inspiration from set designs on and off of Broadway! We wanted see how to take lighting and our decor to another level so we were able to fit not just one but TWO shows in during our stay. If/Then and The Heathers were phenomenal! We have never felt so inspired after two very different experiences! We laughed, we cried and we left with drawings of new decor aspirations. Call us crazy for drawing on the back of Playbills but when creativity sets in, you have to jot it down!!!

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Some of our best ideas come from the craziest places. From people watching to street art, we got so inspired by the energy of NYC. Yes we stopped in some of the most fabulous stores to get exhilarated but some of our craziest and most zealous ideas came from the city beautiful. We can’t wait to incorporate some of the stuff we saw (and possibly bought 😉 ) into our upcoming events! Stay tuned to see what all we brought back to Gandyland 🙂 

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 4 days in the city never feels like enough! But we know we have to at some point come back and implement all of crazy/beautiful ideas. Besides- we missed you (and sweet tea)! New York gave us so much love to implement during your day of LOVE and we can’t wait to show y’all what we have in store! With John Gandy Events, Today is not just another day, its a day we create something beautiful! 

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